Brent working in the library

A good translation is like a fine watch – accurate, reliable, stylish and timeless.

Brent Annable – Freelance Dutch-English Translator

Hello! I'm Brent, a freelance translator based in Melbourne, Australia. I translate from Dutch and German into English, am accredited with the Dutch Foundation for Literature, and specialise in literary, musical, academic, scientific and legal texts.

I love translation, and have always had a passion for words and a fascination with language. My philosophy is that a translation should never be second to its original; they should stand side-by-side as equals. In addition to accuracy and precision, my priority is to make sure that every text is a pleasure to read, from policy to press release and from poetry to prose.

After completing studies in music and German at Melbourne University, I moved to the Netherlands in 2003 and began translating in 2006. Since then I have worked full-time in the industry, translating a wide variety of Dutch and German texts into English and developing specialisations in non-fiction, fiction, young adult, and other literary and academic fields.